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Cowley House, bed and breakfast, Broadway, Worcester UK
Cowley House, bed and breakfast, Broadway, Worcester UK

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At Cowley House, we strive continuously to ensure that, as far as possible, we consider the impact of what we do on our environment and that we have as little waste as possible. We have joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme reflecting our dedication to sustainability and eco-tourism in Worcestershire and the Cotswolds.

We are committed to working in a sustainable way and take care to reduce, re-use and recycle at all times. We are undertaking the following actions in order to achieve this and have also listed below how we strive to reduce our waste, pollution, carbon impact and environmental impact.

We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.

We continuously seek to improve our environmental and social performance.

We raise awareness and encourage participation in sustainable business practices.

We liaise with the local community and are actively involved in local trade associations and events.

We aim to use local labour for building and ongoing maintenance of our buildings and gardens.


Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we throw away and recycle as much as possible.

  • We purchase items without packaging or in packaging as free of toxics wherever practicable. At supermarket checkouts, you may find Joan holding up the queue while she removes excess packaging and leaves it at the till!!
  • Whenever possible shopping is purchased on foot or delivered as a part of a delivery round (lowering food miles). We use the best and freshest local produce available to create a wonderful breakfast that will enable you to start your day in the best way possible. Our suppliers include: Collins Family Butchers for home made sausages; Buckland nurseries for tomatoes; Wayside Farm Shop for fruit, mushrooms and muesli; the Kitchen Garden, Stroud for preserves and local farms for organic free range eggs ( they grow their own chicken feed, pack the eggs and distribute the eggs from their own farm).Cowley House orchard provides for apples plums and pears (in season) and herbs from our herb garden (follow your nose and have a look in the garden)
  • The majority of our windows are double glazed. We have replaced single glazed windows in 4 rooms to-date and other rooms(except Grappenhall and Appleton) have secondary glazing. Curtains have thermal lining which has a better thermal efficiency reducing heat loss.
  • The majority of our and walls and loft areas insulated. During the refurbishments in the winter of 2010 we put in false wall panels on the outside walls, lined with thermal blocks, in Daresbury, Selborne and walton.
  • All radiators (where possible/practicable) have thermostatic valves fitted to help minimise energy use.
  • The central heating is on a ‘timer’ so that it is ‘on’ when we expect guests to be in the guest house and ‘off’ at other times. I really do not like to be cold, so we will always put on the heating, if requested.
  • Our hot water cylinders are pre-insulated with foam.
  • As the bedrooms in Cowley House are renovated, the bathrooms were fitted with en-suite showers to save water. The only exception to this is the Appleton and Stretton rooms which still have baths for those guests who prefer them.
  • We are fitting low energy bulbs wherever practicable (reducing our carbon impact). The water and central heating is provided be energy efficient boilers, replaced in Spring 2010and are energy-saving condensing boilers which should cut our heating and hot water bills by between 15-20% and should be up to 30% cheaper to run than the old boilers.
  • We launder napkins, pillowcases, hand towels, bath robes and duvet covers on site and use the outside rotary cloths dryer rather than the tumble dryer whenever possible.
  • We replace electrical appliances with ‘A’ rated or higher appliances and aim to purchase durable long-lasting goods.
  • We turn off electrical appliances rather than leave them on stand-by and encourage our guests to do the same.
  • We used to provide individual containers of body lotion and pretty packets of soap but we had so much waste – both packaging and half-used toiletries – that we decided to adopt a different policy. We now supply our guests with a much more expensive product, in dispensers by the basin. This enables each guest to use as much as s/he would like whilst eliminating packaging and waste entirely. We will still provide individual soaps on request.

  • We re-use carrier bags for shopping or use biodegradable jute bags.
  • Egg cartons are reused whenever practicable.
  • We re-use paper whenever possible. Paper is shredded and either added to the compost heaps or used by friends as animal bedding. We are planning to convert newspapers into briquettes for the fire this winter.
  • We aim to use as much recycled and local materials as much as possible in our renovation projects

  • We aim to recycle as much refuse as possible and request that guests assist us by placing non recyclable waste in the bin in the bathroom. We sort out rubbish from the bedroom bin into separate recyclable containers for recycling and use the fortnightly local recycling service for all that can be recycled: plastics, cans, glass, paper, card and magazines.
  • All garden and organic kitchen waste can be recycled and waste contributes to one of Peter’s 4 (yes 4!) compost heaps.
  • We recycle used stamps for the RNIB supporting blind and partially blind people (Joan’s mum was partially sighted).
  • We aim to recycle as much waste from building projects as possible. Cotswold stone from the doorway between the family suite rooms is currently piled in the garden ready to be used in landscaping, the old boiler and water tanks have been recycled and wood is burnt in the fire in winter. We are constantly looking at new ways to make more impact in these area so if you have any suggestions about how we can make a difference, please let us know. We would be delighted to consider any new proposal.
Cotswolds Green Scheme  
Green Tourism business scheme

Responsible Visitor Charter

At Cowley House we are working towards becoming one an eco-friendly place to stay in Worcestershire, but we need your help to achieve that target. As a guest you have a very important role in helping us conserve our natural assets and become a more sustainable destination. Here are some ways you can help:

1. Conserve energy – Reduce energy by switching off lights when not needed and by closing windows when the heating is on.
2. Leave you car behind – If only for a day, walk, cycle or take the bus. Walk whenever visiting the village (we provide torches so that you can walk home after dark). Please ask for bus timetables or local bicycle hire.
3. Shop local, eat local – Use local products and the village for your shopping to help support our local community. There are some great farm shops in the area and the local foods such as asparagus, apples and plums are not to be missed. We buy our fruit and mushrooms from the Wayside Farm Shop on the main road from Broadway to Evesham at Wickhampton.
4. Reduce, recycle, reuse - Try to avoid overly packaged goods and say no to that extra carrier bag. Please recycle and use the recycling and compost bins available.
5. Be water wise - Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. If you have a room with a bath, try not to fill it too full.
6. Respect our environment and nature – We are in The Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Please help us to look after our wonderful landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle ways responsibly. Ensure you follow the Countryside Code. We provide ‘pooper scooper’ bags for use by guests with dogs. Please help us to keep our property and our village tidy.
7. Carbon Offset your stay with us.
8. Support Green business – Whenever possible, please support the hundreds of businesses in the region trying to reduce their carbon footprints. Members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme can be identified by the above logo - have a look at for more information.

Most importantly we hope you enjoy your stay with us and we’d like you to come back! If you feel there is anything else we could be doing to reduce our environmental impact please let us know.
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